Here’s how we enable health systems to better personalize care, build stronger relationships, and significantly improve outcomes.

Benchmark Care Experience Studies

Each transformation engagement begins with a custom HUMAN Brand™ benchmark study to assess current care experience performance, identify improvement opportunities and quantify the relationship between loyalty measures and financial outcomes.  Our benchmark experience studies include the following types of insights and analyses:

Patient, Team Member & Care Provider Segmentation

Care Experience Priorities, Perceptions & Loyalty Drivers

Care Experience Strengths, Gaps & Improvement Opportunities

Predictive Analytics of Improved Care Experience Outcomes

Recommendations for Care Experience Transformation

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Experience Tracking & Analytics

HCAHPS tracking is required for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, but not sufficient to deliver or sustain lasting patient, team member or care provider loyalty.

Our care experience measures are supplemental to CAHPS surveys and can be implemented in parallel with them to provide more timely and actionable insight.

Robust Platform Compatibility

Fidelum Health is “platform flexible” and we work closely with multiple technology providers, including NRC Health, Medallia, Qualtrics and others. This allows you to gain revolutionary insights without having to change CAHPS vendors or data collection platforms.

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Experience Transformation Support

Achieving sustainable results requires thoughtful planning and diligent execution. Our experts stay with you every step of the way to analyze performance, identify opportunities and assist in program implementation.

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Predictive Analytics

Our world has been rapidly transformed by digital medical records, communication and collaboration. The networks, devices and content your care providers, team members and patients access each day are generating data of unprecedented size and usefulness.

Our predictive analytics experts have conquered large data sets that span multiple sources, formats and platforms to provide our health system clients with actionable insights and effective strategies.

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"Fidelum Health has helped us transform insights into a frontline operational tool that enables us to improve our experience real-time.  Over the past two years, under their guidance and expertise, we have unlocked the power of patient feedback at every level of the organization to activate the virtuous cycle of improvement.  Insights are no longer limited to describing 'what we did' and now provides direct input into 'what we will do today' to make the experience better for team members and patients."

Senior Director of Customer Insights
$7 Billion Regional Health System
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